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CQDB RandomQuotePic

You want to include the quotes listed at CQDB on your own site or somewhere else? Well let us help you with this new feature! This an easy to use way to query our database and include the result wherever you want!

To get the image simply request this url:<lang>-<size>.gif
But first you need to replace the wildcards <lang> and <size> with the following values:

Replace <lang> with en to get only English quotes, de to get only German quotes or de_en to get both.

Replace <size> with a numeric value between 0 and 200. This is the maximum number of lines the quote can contain (inclusive), each line has max. 92 characters.

Examples: exmple 1 exmple 2

You want more styles for the RandomQuotePic? well then use the feedback-form and make a suggestion!

The Image has allways a width of of exactly 600 Pixel, and a height of at least 80 Pixel.

Please note that we have no control over the sites where the RandomQuotePic is included!
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