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This is the one where Gidiun summons the tribunal. In Latin, he says: "Di! Ecce Hora! Uxor mea me necabit". This means: "God! Look at the time! My wife is going to kill me".
   #5 -  [ -369 ]  +   x Season: 5 Episode: 04   up down Episode Guide
<Leo> (casting a spell) Oh singing lady of the dusk, who prays on men turns love to lust, we harken ye...
<Phoebe> We harken ye? What, are we trying to summon a leprechaun here?
   #386 -  [ -355 ]  +   x Season: 1 Episode: 02   up down Episode Guide
<Piper> Prue is gona be pissed.
<Phoebe> Newsflash! Stop worrying. You'll get wrinkles.
   #381 -  [ -353 ]  +   x Season: 5 Episode: 20   up down Episode Guide
<Phoebe> This is either someone's sick sick joke. Or someone's planning a MASSIVE EVIL PLAN.
   #1 -  [ -311 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 11   up down Episode Guide
<Alpha (Avatar)> Do you view us as a threat, Piper?
<Piper> You know, actually I'm still working on that one, thanks!
   #8 -  [ -311 ]  +   x Season: 5 Episode: 19   up down Episode Guide
<Phoebe> Morning. Never mind, don't ask.
(Phoebe leaves the kitchen, Piper and Paige follow her)
<Piper> Hey, somebody's doing the walk of shame.
<Paige> Details, details.
<Phoebe> I knew I wasn't going to get away with this one.
<Paige> Not a chance. Spill it, sister.
<Phoebe> Ugh, okay. I think I did something really bad. I slept with my boss.
<Piper> Jason?
<Phoebe> No, Elise. Yes, of course Jason!
<Paige> Wow. That is bad. (Phoebe gives her a look) Uh, for future employment's sake. Unless, of course, you know, maybe it'll work out and you guys will get married and have kids and you can own half the newspaper.
<Phoebe> Paige!
<Paige> Sorry.
<Piper> How did this happen?
<Phoebe> It was very fast.
<Paige> Ooh, downer.
<Phoebe> No, that part wasn't fast, that part was .... (makes noises and smiles.)
<Piper> So that's good, right?
<Phoebe> Yes... No I don't know. See, I'm very conflicted about this whole thing, because it's not just the fact that he's my boss, it's just I didn't plan on this all happening right now in my life.
<Piper> Well, honey, unfortunately, that's when these things usually happen.
<Paige> Yeah. Can we go back to the whole (makes a noise) part?
(Leo orbs in.)
<Paige> Talk about orbus interruptus.
   #2 -  [ -309 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 11   up down Episode Guide
<Piper> Paige!
<Paige> What? What's going on?
<Piper> Oh you know, Nothing,... Your boyfriend tried to kill my husband
   #4 -  [ -308 ]  +   x Season: 6 Episode: 11   up down Episode Guide
<Piper> You know, if I hadn't taken over Paige's room, this never would've happened. This is all my fault
<Chris/Leo> What's done is done
<Phoebe> Okay, you two really need to get a room
<Piper> Yeah
   #3 -  [ -284 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 11   up down Episode Guide
<Zankou> Where is the Third One?
<Phoebe> Errmm,... You know what? We're not really sure, so why don't you just come back later, OK?
   #7 -  [ -261 ]  +   x Season: 1 Episode: 10   up down Episode Guide
<Phoebe> If you ran an Employment Agency, wouldn't you want me?
<Prue> Maybe, but I'd definitely want my suit back.
<Phoebe> No, this is part of your old wardrobe. I'm just recycling.
<Prue> Well, the environment thanks you.
<Phoebe> But, take it off, I know, I know.
(later at quake)
<Piper> Hey, how was the concert?
<Phoebe> The best. It was amazing.
<Prue> Still recycling. I see.
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