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(Paige is scrying for Leo on three different maps: San Francisco, the world, and the solar system)
<Phoebe> Where exactly are you trying to find Leo? Jupiter?
<Paige> Well, when an Elder gets kidnapped, they're probably not gonna just take him to Chinatown, right? I think everything is game, even the cosmos.
<Phoebe> Still, I don't see how the crystal's gonna find him. Especially not without something of his to focus it better.
(Paige picks up one of Leo's shirts.)
<Paige> I've got one of his plaid shirts.
<Phoebe> I was thinking something a little more special than that.
<Paige> Leo loved those shirts. His entire closet's full of them.
(later, after the Charmed Ones visited Leo in Valhala)
<Phoebe> What was up with that skirt he [Leo] was wearing?
<Paige> At least the skirt wasn't plaid.
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