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<Piper> But aren't we, like, raising the dead? What if she's all...
<Phoebe> I read The Book of Shadows very carefully. She will come back as a real live person, flesh and blood. She will have her powers too. Our powers.
[picks up a knife]
<Piper> What's that for?
<Phoebe> Well, the spell works by blood calling blood, so it shouldn't hurt... much.
[Phoebe cuts her finger with the knife]
<Phoebe> I lied, I lied. Okay, come on guys. It'll be just like the summer by the lake. Remember when we made a oath blood to be friends forever, not just sisters?
<Piper> I remember my finger got infected
<Prue> [Prue takes the knife off of Phoebe and stabs her finger] Ow. Yeah, but the oath worked.
[Prue hands the knife to piper]
<Piper> And I couldn't go in the water for three weeks. Don't hand me that knife.
<Prue> How are you gonna cut yourself?
<Piper> I'm not.
<Phoebe> Piper...
<Piper> I can't stand the sight of blood.
Prue: Evil beings have blown up in our attic...
Phoebe: Disintegrated to dust right before our very eyes...
Prue: And you're afraid of a little drop of blood?
<Piper> Fine, just cut my finger.
[holds out her hand to Phoebe]
<Piper> [Piper covers her eyes and Phoebe stabs the knife in her finger] Ow!
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