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<Prue> Hey, you know what? The next time the Quake does a food pantry why don't you call some guys?
<Piper> Yeah, I'll just go through my handy guy rolodex.
<Phoebe> Which I believe now stops a 'J' for Josh or is it 'B' for boyfriend?
(a few nuns walk by)
<Piper> Now they have the right idea!
<Phoebe> Who, the nuns?!
<Piper> Yep, nice safe environment.
<Phoebe> Yeah, if you like monks!
<Piper> Stress free, no need to worry about guys,... no wardrobe.
<Phoebe> No wardrobe? Okay, now you're scaring me.
<Prue> (grins)
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