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<Phoebe> What have we got to lose, okay?
(Piper and Phoebe turn around and notice all the women have taken off their clothes)
<Piper> Well, apparently we've got our clothes to lose!
<Phoebe> I see that.
(Phoebe starts taking off her clothes.)
<Piper> No. Whoa, Whoa. Wait. What are you doing?
<Phoebe> When in Rome.
<Piper> No-no-no! We're not in Rome, Phoebe. We're in California. And it's illegal here.
<Phoebe> It's totally natural, okay? Go for it. Come on.
<Piper> God. This is ridiculous. Can I keep my shoes on?
<Phoebe> Yeah, but that's it.
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