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   #301 -  [ 98 ]  +   x Season: 2 Episode: 15   up down Episode Guide
<Piper> The only Halliwell that likes earthquakes.
<Prue> I don't like them, but I don't go running naked through the house screaming, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" either.
<Phoebe> Okay, that is such an exaggeration. I was wearing slippers.
   #400 -  [ 40 ]  +   x Season: 5 Episode: 15   up down Episode Guide
<Stanley> My name will haunt you to your grave.</Stanley>
(Stanley falls backwards, dead.)
<Phoebe> What was his name again?</Phoebe>
<Paige> I don't remember.</Paige>
   #77 -  [ 39 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 06   up down Episode Guide
(Leo told the Charmed Ones that they're about to get a new whitelighter)
<Piper> Well, I hope I don't blow him up.
<Leo> Piper, you can't blow up a whitelighter.
<Phoebe> Why not? She blows you up all the time.
<Piper> Look, we have enough people orbing in and out of here on a daily basis and we don't need another.
(She blows up the toaster)
<Leo> Got it.
   #165 -  [ 39 ]  +   x Season: 8 Episode: 01   up down Episode Guide
<Piper> He's a salesman in a Womens Shoe Store, what are the chances that he's not gay?
   #14 -  [ 38 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 17   up down Episode Guide
<Leo> look, you're the one who said to improvise
<Piper> Well, since when does anybody listen to me?!
   #35 -  [ 38 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 20   up down Episode Guide
<Wyatt> Well, there's one thing you guys taught me - Magic may work in mysterious ways, but it allways works
<Paige> Where did you hear that? That's nice.
<Wyatt> I'm suprised to hear you ask. In the future you're allways telling me that.
<Paige> Huh! Well, that's the future me, I'm me now, clearly doesn't have kind of those brilliant thoughts
   #76 -  [ 38 ]  +   x Season: 7 Episode: 06   up down Episode Guide
(Piper just told Paige and Phoebe that Leo killed Zola)
<Leo> Sorry to interrupt, but I have to tell you something that you're probably not gonna like.
<Paige> Did you kill anybody else?
   #87 -  [ 38 ]  +   x Season: 4 Episode: 13   up down Episode Guide
(later at P3 after the Charmed Ones vanquished the Source)
<Leo> What do you say we go home and get started on our future.
<Piper> What do you say we go home and sleep, then we work on the future tomorrow night.
   #96 -  [ 38 ]  +   x Season: 3 Episode: 14   up down Episode Guide
<Victor> Leo, do you know what a Whitelighter is?
<Victor> They're sneaky little bastards.
<Leo> Really? 'Cause Piper says that they're really, really good guys. More of, like, guardian angels.
<Victor> That's the party line, Leo, but don't believe it. You can't trust 'em. They have this tendency to fall in love with their charges. Before you know it, they've stolen your wife.
   #121 -  [ 38 ]  +   x Season: 3 Episode: 20   up down Episode Guide
<Leo> You're gonna forge my birth certificate.
<Piper> No. Just going to change one little number. So, 1924 becomes 1974. And just like that, you are fifty years younger. Wait a minute, that makes you 27. That's younger than me. Maybe I should change another number.
<Leo> Piper, this is completely illegal.
<Piper> Yeah? Well, so is marrying a dead guy, okay? Let's not get technical now.
(Prue walks in.)
<Prue> Morning. What's up?
<Leo> Well, probably three to five years jail if we're lucky.
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