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Charmed Episode 8x16:

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Engaged And Confused


Piper (Holly Marie Combs) organizes an engagement party for Paige (Rose McGowan) and Henry (Ivan Sergei), but the wedding is put in jeopardy when the couple begins to get cold feet. Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) notices a strange man following her, and soon discovers that he is Cupid (Victor Webster). Meanwhile, a demon kidnaps Christy (Marne Patterson) in order to lure The Charmed Ones into attacking the Triad and prevent them from taking over the Underworld. Kaley Cuoco also stars.



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(Paige has a "classic case" of cold feet regarding wedding/engagement with Henry, according to Pipers diagnosis)
<Paige> I'm not really understanding though, why would deamons come to warn us about other deamons? You know, I probably should just go check the book.
<Piper> No, I can do the research. You need to talk to your fiancÚ we have enough firepower down here.
<Paige> Don't say the f-word.
<Billie> Frepower?
(Paige gives Billie a look)
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<Phoebe> The elders sent him [a cupid] down here to help me find true love - how insulting is that!
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<Phoebe> (to a Cupid) Has anyone ever told you, that you are a big pain in the butt?
<Cupid> No, I'm a cupid.

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