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Charmed Episode 8x12:

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Payback's a Witch


Paige (Rose McGowan) tries to help Henry (Ivan Sergei) get his parolee, Nick (Karl Makinen), a loan at a bank, but when the loan is denied, Nick crashes his car into the bank and holds everyone hostage. The flurry of media causes Paige and Billie (Kaley Cuoco) to come up with a solution that does not include magic. Meanwhile, Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) have their hands full when Wyatt celebrates his third birthday by using his magic to make his dolls and toys come to life.



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(Wyatt turned some of his dolls into living, life-sized humans, and it's Phoebes fault,...)
<Phoebe> Look, you know, bright side is they have a good time.
<Piper> This is not a good time. This is chaos!
<Phoebe> Yeah, but you gotta admit, the army guy is kinda cute.
<Piper> Forget it, Phoebe. He's not anatomically correct!

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