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Charmed Episode 8x03:

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Run, Piper, Run


Looking for a new career path, Piper (Holly Marie Combs) goes on an interview with a corporate recruiter, but is soon arrested when a background check reveals that the physical appearance she adopted was that of a woman wanted for murder. The sisters set out to clear the woman's name, but are impressed when Billie is the one that comes up with the perfect plan. Meanwhile, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) has a premonition that an earthquake will hit on the night of Dex's (guest star Jason Lewis) art gallery opening; Leo (Brian Krause) hosts a kids play group at the house and is caught off guard when one of the mothers mistakes him for a single dad. Paige (Rose McGowan) becomes annoyed with Billie's (Kaley Cuoco) lack of respect for the art of witchcraft.



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<Paige> (to Piper in her prison jumpsuit) Oh honey, orange is so not your color.
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<Billie> Can't we vanquish him?
<Piper> We don't vanquish humans.

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