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Charmed Episode 8x02:

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Malice in Wonderland


Hoping to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, Haas (guest star Mykel Shannon), a young demon wanting to take over the Underworld, uses the ?Alice in Wonderland? fairy tale to prey on young victims. When Billie (Kaley Cuoco) stumbles upon his plan and tries to stop him, she becomes one of his victims. The sisters come to Billie?s rescue, and realize that they can benefit from Billie?s willingness and desire to fight demons. Meanwhile, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), in her new identity, decides to get to know Dex (guest-star Jason Lewis) better and learns that he was a fan of the ?Ask Phoebe? column. Surprisingly, she lands a job at the paper as Phoebe's replacement with help from Dex. Paige's (Rose McGowan) traffic stop leads her to enroll at the police academy so she can still help innocent people, and Piper (Holly Marie Combs) finds that starting over and living a normal life is not as easy as she once thought.



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