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Charmed Episode 7x21:

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Death Becomes Them


Zankou's (guest star Oded Feher) plan to make the sisters vulnerable so that he can take control of the Book of Shadows starts to work when Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) is left guilt-ridden after a classmate is brutally killed in front of her and comes back from the dead to blame her. Also part of Zankou's plan, Paige (Rose McGowan) is devastated when she finds her new charge dead and realizes she was powerless to save her. Realizing that Zankou was behind the deaths, Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe and Paige go after the Alchemist (guest star John Kassir), who is helping Zankou, and are confronted by all the undead innocents they were unable to save over the last seven years, allowing Zankou to take the Book of Shadows without the sisters knowing. Meanwhile, Darryl (Dorian Gregory) is put in a compromising position when he has to choose between protecting the sisters or working with Inspector Sheridan (guest star Jenya Lano), who is regaining her memory and is determined to connect the Charmed Ones to the unsolved disappearances.



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<Leo> Where's Phoebe going?
<Paige> Probably to a mental institution.

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