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Charmed Episode 7x17:

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Scry Hard


Zankou (guest star Oded Feher) sends his underlings to attack Leo (Brian Krause) in hopes of luring the sisters out of their house so that he can search for the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. Terrified after witnessing demons attack his parents, Wyatt magically shrinks Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo and traps them inside a dollhouse for their protection. Unable to stop Zankou from releasing the Shadow, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Paige (Rose McGowan) and Piper watch as Leo, the only neutral territory, absorbs the Shadow. Meanwhile, Phoebe is left in charge of the paper, Paige feels the need to spread her wings, and Leo gets an offer he can't refuse. Collective Soul performs at P3.



   #14 -  [ 15 ]  +   x up down
<Leo> look, you're the one who said to improvise
<Piper> Well, since when does anybody listen to me?!
   #161 -  [ 1 ]  +   x up down
(Phoebe an Paige are in the underworld - Phoebe's cell phone rings.)
<Paige> Will you shut that freaking thing off?
<Phoebe> I'm sorry, but you gotta admire the range, huh? We're in the underworld. It's pretty good.
   #281 -  [ -31 ]  +   x up down
(Paige and Phoebe orb in and discover the house overrun with demons wearing leather.)
<Paige> oh, goodness.
<Phoebe> I hope you got a discount on all that leather.

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