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Charmed Episode 7x14:

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Carpe Demon


Paige is interviewing for a literature teacher as an ex-demon driving a motorcycle crashes into magic school. Drake introduces himself, magically produces his resume and tells Paige that she will hire him. Mrs. Donovan goes to the underworld to find out about Drake. Drake explains that he is human and as long as he does not use his powers the Sorcerer will not be able to take them and kill him in the process. Phoebe gets caught up in his reenactment of Robin Hood, becomes his Maid Marian, and tries to stop him from stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The manager of the telephone company has been overcharging the customers and Drake, as Robin Hood, is determined to return the money. Piper is trying to deal with Leo soon to be sentenced by the Elders. She is trying to ignore Valentine's Day celebrations because she is determined not to be hurt if she loses Leo again. The Sorcerer who made the deal with Drake, is trying to trick him into using his powers. He kidnaps Mrs. Donovan and watches as Drake attempts to return the embezzled money back to the people. Sheridan returns, but she has no memory of the Charmed Ones or what happened during the past few months, thanks to Brody. On the scene with Drake and Phoebe, she feels that this is familiar to her. Remembering Phoebe's warning not to jar her old memory, Darryl sends her away from the scene. Now the girls have to save Drake, and Mrs. Donovan and still try to enjoy their Valentine's Day.



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