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Charmed Episode 7x11:

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Ordinary Witches


Still not completely sure that the Avatars mean well, Piper (Holly Marie Combs) agrees to switch powers with Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) so that she too can see Phoebe's premonition of a utopian world. During the spell, Zankou (guest star Oded Fehr), the most powerful demon in the underworld, senses the girls' vulnerability and attacks them, accidentally transferring their powers to innocent bystanders, who run amok with their new abilities. Meanwhile, Brody's (guest star Kerr Smith) desire to kill Leo (Brian Krause) and the Avatars prompts Paige (Rose McGowan) to take Brody on a journey back to his childhood when his parents were killed so that he can learn the truth. Finally, the Elders learn Leo's true identity.



   #160 -  [ -45 ]  +   x up down
<Denise> Wait. You guys fight demons here all the time, don't you?
<Piper> Pretty much. Why?
<Denise> See, I always thought that you just threw a bunch of wild parties. You
know, things breaking, people screaming. I had no idea.
<Piper> Yeah, well, at least now you know why we never invited you.
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<Zankou> Where is the Third One?
<Phoebe> Errmm,... You know what? We're not really sure, so why don't you just come back later, OK?
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<Piper> Paige!
<Paige> What? What's going on?
<Piper> Oh you know, Nothing,... Your boyfriend tried to kill my husband

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