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Charmed Episode 7x02:

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The Bare Witch Project


Paige (Rose McGowan) almost loses her fight to save the Magic School when a bored student accidentally conjures Lady Godiva (guest-star Kristen Miller) and Lord Dyson (Maury Sterling), an evil land baron who feeds off humans' repressed emotions. The Charmed Ones, with the help of Leo (Brian Krause), must stop Lord Dyson from killing Lady Godiva before she can go back in time to complete her ride. Meanwhile, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) feels that Les (guest-star Nick Lachey) is incapable of writing an advice column for women. After Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is scolded for breastfeeding in a café, Phoebe tests Les' advice by asking for his views on breastfeeding in an anonymous letter to "Ask Phoebe." Later, Phoebe, inspired by Lady Godiva, decides to ride naked through a crowded street in support of women's liberation.



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<Piper> See what I mean? We have bigger naked breasts to worry about.
<Phoebe> Paige has her naked breasts to worry about, I've got yours.
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<Piper> Just get her out of here. We'll think of something.
<Phoebe> "We'll think of something"? That's the best you can do?
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<Phoebe> What happened?
<Paige> Well, uh, this is Godiva. Say hello.
<Piper> Godiva?
<Paige> As in, uhm, Lady Godiva. In the flesh so to speak.
<Paige> Yeah. See, the meeting kind of went long, got a little boring and the kids, they grew restless and-
<Phoebe> -So they conjured a sex object?!
<Godiva> I am no sex object!

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