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Charmed Episode 7x01:

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A Call To Arms


Reeling from the loss of their future son Chris, an overprotective Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Barbas (guest star Bill Drago)-obsessed Leo (Brian Krause) are forced by Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige (Rose McGowan) to attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of the Hindu's Ultimate Lovers, Shakti, the Goddess of Creation and her lover, Shiva, the God of Destruction. In order to save the universe from destruction, Phoebe and Paige must keep Leo and Piper from consummating their love. Meanwhile, Leo's obsession with vanquishing Barbas clouds his judgement, and a disembodied creature tricks him into killing an Elder. Feeling out of sorts, Phoebe decides to take a sabbatical from her advice column and is shocked to learn that her replacement is a guy, Leslie "Les" St. Claire (guest star Nick Lachey), whom she is attracted to due to the spell on Piper and Leo. Paige, upset over the Magic School closing, decides to fight to keep it open.



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(Leo and Piper possessed by Shiva and Shakti)
<Leo> I'll be back!
<Piper> I'll be waiting.

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