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Charmed Episode 6x19:

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Crimes and Witch Deanours


When Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige (Rose McGowan) are caught on tape using their powers, the Cleaners (guest-stars Kirk B.R. Woller and Darin Cooper), who prevent the exposure of magic, cover up the situation by implicating Darryl (Dorian Gregory) as a murderer and sending him to death row. The sisters call a council of Demons and Elders who oversee all magic to convince them that Darryl should be set free. Instead, the prosecutor, Barbas (guest star Billy Drago), turns the proceedings around and puts The Charmed Ones on trial for recklessly abusing their powers. Meanwhile, Leo (Brian Krause) and Chris (Drew Fuller) work together to help free the sisters and Darryl, but the outcome leaves Phoebe stripped of her powers. Holly Marie Combs also stars.



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<Madison> look chris umm how do say this umm,,, am breaking up with connor<Smile> =]

<Chris> oh this great really now what are u going to tell Kristin ?<Kristin is connor mom>
<Madison> i was hoping mybe u could tell his mom for me thnks <ord out>
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This is the one where Gidiun summons the tribunal. In Latin, he says: "Di! Ecce Hora! Uxor mea me necabit". This means: "God! Look at the time! My wife is going to kill me".

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