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Charmed Episode 6x11:

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After trying on a pair of her Grams' (Jennifer Rhodes) go-go boots, Paige (Rose McGowan) finds herself transported back in time to an era of free love and free magic; and discovers Grams, a peace-loving hippie, who is on a crusade to rid the world of evil through the magical power of love, preparing for a "magical be-in" at the manor. Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) travel back in time to prevent Paige from changing the past and to make sure that Grams lives out her destiny to carry on the Charmed Ones' line. Meanwhile, Leo (Brian Krause), Chris (Drew Fuller) and the spirit of Grams fight to vanquish the Creeper, a slime-like blob that has surrounded the manor. Dorian Gregory also stars.



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<Phoebe> So we get to go back there? We get to meet our grandfather?
<Grams> Don't make too much out of it because whatever you do, you can't change the past or tell anyone you're from the future
<Phoebe> Well, why does he get to?
<Chris> Because I know what I'm doing
<Grams> Not from where I'm standing. I'll stay here with Leo and the newbie to contain the slime, until you can bring Paige back to vanquish it, okay? Okay, go, get dressed. You are going to the summer of love.
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<Piper> You know, if I hadn't taken over Paige's room, this never would've happened. This is all my fault
<Chris/Leo> What's done is done
<Phoebe> Okay, you two really need to get a room
<Piper> Yeah

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