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Charmed Episode 6x04:

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Dirty Blondes


When three evil sisters, Mitzy (guest star Jenny McCarthy), Mabel (guest star Jennifer Sky) and Margo (guest star Melody Perkins), magically steal the Charmed Ones' identities and powers, Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige (Rose McGowan) must convince Chris (Drew Fuller) that they are the real Charmed Ones in order to get their lives back. Meanwhile, Piper realizes that Wyatt needs time with Leo (Brian Krause); Phoebe and Jason (guest star Eric Dane) sort out their feelings; Paige learns that magic will always be a part of her life; and Leo continues on his quest to find out who put him on the Island of Valhalla.



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<Piper> Oh, you know what? She's getting angry. And our powers don't work so good when we're angry.
<Mitzy> We've got them now.
<Piper> Yeah, you've got us now so why don't you blow us up?
<Phoebe> Piper, death bad, life good.
<Paige> Don't worry, this bimbo couldn't hit the broadside of a beauty parlour. Check out that dye-job.
[the blonde sisters gasp]
<Mabel> How dare you!
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<Mabel> [...] Well, check what these "common" witches just did. We're standing in the home of the Charmed Ones, we've got their powers, we got their book - and we got blonde multi-tonal hair.

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