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Charmed Episode 6x01:

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Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1


Leo ist verschwunden. Niemand weiß, dass Chris, der neue Wächter des Lichts, ihn nach Walhalla verbannt hat, wo er von den Walküren bewacht wird. Da Leo sich von Piper getrennt hat, fällt sein Verschwinden zunächst nicht auf. Erst als Paige und Phoebe ihn sprechen wollen, muss Chris zugeben, dass er vermisst wird. Die Schwestern beginnen mit der Suche. Schließlich kann Paige ihn mit Wyatts Hilfe auspendeln. Paige und Phoebe beamen sich daraufhin nach Walhalla.



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(Paige just erased Piper's memory)
<Piper> (looking at Wyatt) Aww, cute. Yours?
<Paige> No, yours!
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<Phoebe> Piper! Hi! You're never gonna believe this. I think I have a new power. It would certainly explain a lot of my weird behaviour lately like why I wanted to date Chad, why my advice has been so amazingly accurate. I know, this is huge, right? Huge. So what's my new power you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Um, do you remember that empath we helped a couple of years ago? That guy that could feel what other people were feeling?
<Chris> Uh, Phoebe -
<Phoebe> (to Chris) Just a sec! (to Piper) I think that's what I am now. An empath. I am an empath. That's my new power. Or at least an advancement of my premonition power, I don't know.
<Chris> Neither does she, I'm afraid. No that is, anything. Paige erased her memory.
<Piper> Can you blow things up too?
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<Phoebe> [...] we need your help to save him [Leo].
<Darryl> Sure, you know that, just ask, anything.
<Phoebe> Great! We just need to borrow your soul for a couple of hours.
<Paige> Yeah, we'll get it right back.
<Phoebe> It's perfectly safe, really. You're body will just slip into a coma and as long as we get your soul back in time -
<Paige> Which we will
<Phoebe> You'll be fine. Just a little headache, that's all. What do you say?

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