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Charmed Episode 5x19:

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Nymphs just want to have fun


When a demon kills the satyr (guest star Todd Duffey) of the Spring of Life, the satyr's underlings, a trio of wood nymphs, escape to San Francisco to find a new leader. After the nymphs magically transform Paige (Rose McGowan) into one of them, they are all captured by the demon, Tull (guest star Jaimz Woolvett) who forces them to lead him to the Spring. Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) must rescue Paige before the demon destroys the forest with his newfound powers.



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<Miranda> Helping us helps you. After all, all of nature is intertwined, forests, flowers.
<Miranda/Daisy> Love.
<Miranda> It's in the air!
<Paige> Ha, no where I'm standing it isn't.
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<Phoebe> Morning. Never mind, don't ask.
(Phoebe leaves the kitchen, Piper and Paige follow her)
<Piper> Hey, somebody's doing the walk of shame.
<Paige> Details, details.
<Phoebe> I knew I wasn't going to get away with this one.
<Paige> Not a chance. Spill it, sister.
<Phoebe> Ugh, okay. I think I did something really bad. I slept with my boss.
<Piper> Jason?
<Phoebe> No, Elise. Yes, of course Jason!
<Paige> Wow. That is bad. (Phoebe gives her a look) Uh, for future employment's sake. Unless, of course, you know, maybe it'll work out and you guys will get married and have kids and you can own half the newspaper.
<Phoebe> Paige!
<Paige> Sorry.
<Piper> How did this happen?
<Phoebe> It was very fast.
<Paige> Ooh, downer.
<Phoebe> No, that part wasn't fast, that part was .... (makes noises and smiles.)
<Piper> So that's good, right?
<Phoebe> Yes... No I don't know. See, I'm very conflicted about this whole thing, because it's not just the fact that he's my boss, it's just I didn't plan on this all happening right now in my life.
<Piper> Well, honey, unfortunately, that's when these things usually happen.
<Paige> Yeah. Can we go back to the whole (makes a noise) part?
(Leo orbs in.)
<Paige> Talk about orbus interruptus.

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