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Charmed Episode 4x18:

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Bite Me


With hopes of unseating Cole (Julian McMahon) as the ruler of the Underworld, a Vampire Queen (guest star Elizabeth Gracen) orders her fanged charges to attack Paige (Rose McGowan) and turn her into a blood-sucker to get a Charmed One on their side. Paige's undead transformation isn't sealed until she takes her first victim, and the Vampire Queen urges her to feed on her two sisters, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Piper (Holly Marie Combs).



   #153 -  [ -30 ]  +   x up down
<Piper> A lot of bad guys, apparently more than usual.
<Phoebe> Should we be worried?
<Piper> Nope, not until after dinner.
   #154 -  [ -44 ]  +   x up down
<Paige> What are you smiling at?
<Rowan> I was just thinking of my first time.
<Paige> Tell me about it.
<Rowan> It was better than you can possibly imagine. Danger, excitement, the warm glow you feel afterwards. There's nothing like it.
<Paige> How many have you had?
<Rowan> I don't keep track. The faces all fade away, it's the taste you remember.
<Paige> And what was that? Just fast food?
<Rowan> Hardly.
(Rowan, a vampire, was talking 'bout his first bite)

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