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Charmed Episode 4x10:

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A Paige From the Past


Paige (Rose McGowan) is haunted by guilt about her parents' tragic death and blames it on her rebellious youth, so Leo (Brian Krause) takes her back in time to relive the events leading up to the car accident. Meanwhile, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Cole (Julian McMahon) experience a haunting of their own when outlaw ghosts from the 1950s possess their bodies and head to the chapel to get hitched. Holly Marie Combs and Dorian Gregory also stars.



   #304 -  [ -13 ]  +   x up down
<Darryl> Piper...
<Piper> Uh-huh.
<Darryl> You froze the crime scene.
<Piper> Uh-huh.
<Darryl> You cannot freeze a crime scene.
Piper: Well, I did.
   #315 -  [ -17 ]  +   x up down
<Piper> Clyde, get your ass down here, you son of a Bitch!
   #53 -  [ -20 ]  +   x up down
<Phoebe> Am I the world's biggest bitch or what?
<Piper> Nah, too easy.

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