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Charmed Episode 3x22:

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All Hell Breaks Loose


The girls save Dr. Griffis, from a demon named Shax. Phoebe goes to the attic for a vanquishing spell, Shafts bursts through the door and blasts Piper and Prue through a wall. He tries to kill Dr. Griffis but Phoebe chants her spell making Shax disappear, she then summons Leo to heal Prue and Piper. Prue feels that Shax is still alive, so she and Piper search for him. He attacks and Piper uses her power to blow him up, unbeknownst to them, the scene is caught on tape by a news reporter. The girls tell Phoebe what happened and convince Griffis to keep their secret. Phoebe wants to use a potion on Cole to destroy his evil side and asks her sisters to send her to Cole. She's face to face with Cole and he grabs her by the throat, she smashes the potion on his back and he kisses her. At a television station, the reporter and her boss decide to air the tape again and get an exclusive interview. At the police station Darryl is accosted by his boss and sees the broadcast about the Halliwells, he calls the girls and tells them that their secret is out. The girls are still not sure they defeated Shax and go to the hospital to save Griffis. As they take him to safety, Shax attacks and they finally vanquish him, but the whole thing is caught on the news again. A mob surrounds the manor and the girls find out that Griffis is giving a TV interview. Leo tells them the only way to fix this is to contact the Demon Tempus and have him turn back time. At that moment a crazy person, Alice Hicks, barges into the house and says she wants to join their coven. Prue uses her power and throws her out. The girls tell Leo to find Phoebe and ask Cole to find Tempest. Leo doesn't want to go down below, because he won't be able to hear them if they need help. Cole tells Phoebe, The Source has arrived and she has to leave. Leo orbs in and tells them they've been exposed and they need Tempest's help. Cole says he doesn't have the power to summon Tempest, but The Source does. Leo suggests they ask The Source for help since the demon world has also been exposed. Cole visits The Source and The Source gives Cole a deal. He'll order Tempest to turn back time, if Phoebe stays below and crosses to the dark side. Cole argues that she'll never do it, The Source counters, "Even to save the life of her sister." Cole tells Leo and Phoebe the news and Phoebe tells Leo to check on her sisters. Prue and Piper are barricading the house, when Alice Hicks shoots Piper. Piper is injured and Prue calls Leo, but he can't hear her, so Prue takes Piper to the hospital. The crowd surrounds Prue's car and she uses her power to move everyone out of her way. They get to the hospital and Piper dies. Leo orbs in and Prue tells him that he has to fix this. Leo tells Phoebe, Piper is dead. Phoebe accepts the deal on one condition, Cole must warn Piper and Prue about Shafts or they're already dead. After the deal is set, The Source tells his minion to kill Phoebe and prevent Cole from leaving. Time is reversed, Prue, Piper and Dr. Griffis are at the manor for the first time. Shax comes into the house and attacks the girls, Phoebe is not there to send Shax away, or to call Leo to heal her sisters. The demon kills Dr. Griffis and leaves Prue and Piper to die.



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(The Charmed Ones are talking about "what next?" after their secret has been revealed)
<Piper> We're gonna do talk shows and book signings and then be taken by the C.I.A. and be dissected.

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