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Charmed Episode 3x21:

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Look Who's Barking


A mysterious murder and a premonition has Phoebe convinced Cole/Belthazar is on a killing rampage. So Phoebe performs a spell to conjure up Belthazar, in order to vanquish him, but the spell doesn't work. Meanwhile Piper is struggling to handle her new power. Prue discovers that the murderer is really a Banshee demon who seeks out people whose souls are in pain and kills them with her screams. They find a tracking spell, but it has to be performed on one of the Charmed Ones in order to find the demon. Prue volunteers and is transformed into a dog, "Prujo." Prujo begins to pick up the trail of the Banshee, while Piper and Phoebe are in pursuit. They find the Banshee and fight her, but the demon runs away. Prujo runs after her, but is hit by a car and taken to the vet by the driver. Since they've lost Prujo, Piper and Phoebe head back to the manor. At the Manor, Phoebe goes to the attic and begins to cry, because she's still in love with Cole, but can't forgive him for killing a witch. Leo tells Piper that the Banshee demon is a witch consumed by pain until she becomes evil and she can turn other witches in to Banshees. At that moment, the Banshee demon crashes through the attic window and attacks Phoebe, Piper destroys the Banshee, but Phoebe becomes a Banshee and runs away. Leo says that they have to stop her before she kills or she'll be a Banshee forever. Piper figures out that the only way to save Phoebe is to summon Cole/Belthazar and have him confess that he still loves Phoebe thus ending her pain. Cole confronts Phoebe and a huge battle ensues. When Cole tells her that he can't kill her and that he still loves her, Phoebe returns to normal. While Cole explains how he was forced to kill the witch, Prujo escapes from her captor and she turns back into Prue. Later at P3 Phoebe tells Piper that she made a mistake about giving up on Cole and that if anyone can bring him back, it's her.



   #204 -  [ 16 ]  +   x up down
(talking about the banshee)
<Piper> So what do we do, wear earplugs?
   #205 -  [ 16 ]  +   x up down
(Piper recently got her explosive power; Prue and Phoebe are talking to her, she's in the basement, through the closed door.)
<Prue> Can we come down?
<Piper> No. Stay away from the door, it's not safe.
<Phoebe> Piper, that's ridiculous, we're your sisters.
<Phoebe> (to Prue) Maybe we should back up just a little.
   #206 -  [ 16 ]  +   x up down
(Piper blows something up in the basement.)
<Phoebe> Are you okay?
<Piper> I'm fine. The Christmas decorations are not.

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