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Charmed Episode 3x20:

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Exit Strategy


Cole is still unconscious and being held by the Brotherhood. Rainer, a head demon and Cole's old mentor, reads his mind and comes up with a plan to bring out Cole's evil side. Cole wakes up and Rainer says he thought Cole was an intruder and apologizes for blasting him, he then orders Cole to steal a witch's amulet. Cole shimmers away, but he tells Phoebe about the assignment and that he won't kill the witch, he urges her to keep working on the potion to get rid of his demon powers. Piper and Leo are standing in line for his passport, when Piper develops her new power to explode things. Cole steals the amulet from the witch and leaves her unharmed, but Rainer comes back and kills her. Phoebe and Prue find the witch, but are too late. At the Manor, Piper is experimenting with her new power, while Phoebe and Prue talk to Leo and find out that there are two amulets. If they amulets are combined the wearer becomes invincible, but this power doesn't work for Demons. Cole returns with the amulet and Rainer sends him to get the other amulet. Rainer tells him if he kills the witch, his reward will be his father's soul. Cole shimmers out and tells Phoebe to help him before he kills anyone. The girls find the witch with the other amulet and defeat Cole and his demon friend. They take the witch back to the Manor and she helps them to finish the potion for Cole. Cole arrives at the Manor and he's taken to the attic, downstairs a demon invades the house and the girls vanquish him. Rainer appears in the attic, barricades the door and knocks Leo and the witch out. The amulet falls off her neck and Rainer forces Cole to kill her. Phoebe tries to push the door open, but it only cracks open and she watches as Cole kills the witch. Rainer disappears and Prue blasts the door open. Phoebe tells Cole that he chose to be evil and she doesn't love him anymore, she takes the potion and smashes it at his feet. Cole shimmers away. Rainer gives Cole his father's soul and Cole kills him for destroying Phoebe's love for him. As he's dying, Rainer says that he's won and that Cole is back to being the evil Belthazor.



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<Piper> Leo!
<Prue> (to Jenna) Uh, he's our Whitelighter.
<Phoebe> (to Jenna) And our brother-in-law.
<Piper> (to Phoebe) Cole tried to kill you.
<Prue> (to Jenna) He's the demon.
<Piper> (to Jenna) And her boyfriend.
<Phoebe> (to Jenna) We have very complicated lives.
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<Prue> Uh, okay, was it a demon?
<Piper> No, it was watermelon!
<Phoebe> Honey, why did you vanquish watermelon?
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<Leo> You're gonna forge my birth certificate.
<Piper> No. Just going to change one little number. So, 1924 becomes 1974. And just like that, you are fifty years younger. Wait a minute, that makes you 27. That's younger than me. Maybe I should change another number.
<Leo> Piper, this is completely illegal.
<Piper> Yeah? Well, so is marrying a dead guy, okay? Let's not get technical now.
(Prue walks in.)
<Prue> Morning. What's up?
<Leo> Well, probably three to five years jail if we're lucky.

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