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Charmed Episode 3x19:

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The Demon Who Came In from the Cold


Cole is back in Phoebe's life and he's considering giving up his powers for her. As they're walking down the street a crazy man starts to yell about the Brotherhood of the Thorn. A demon materializes and drags the man into an alley. Phoebe runs after them and is too late to save the man, but kills the demon. Cole tells her that she just killed his brother. Cole reveals that he is part of a sacred demon Brotherhood and that there must be something really big going on. He decides, despite Phoebe's pleas, to go undercover and find out. Cole finds out that the Brotherhood plans to take over a communication company, but the owner of the company is having second thoughts. The Brotherhood decides to kill the owner and take over his identity allowing the merger to happen. Cole and the Charmed Ones come up with a plan to save the owner meanwhile still convincing the Brotherhood that Cole is evil. The plan goes off without a hitch, but the Brotherhood is suspicious and they confront Cole and he confesses that he's trying to double cross the Charmed Ones and he'll lead them to the owner. The Brotherhood invades the Halliwell home and with Cole's help takes the owner away. The girls create a potion made out of the old Cole/Belthazar flesh, thinking that because the Brotherhood is biologically linked, they can defeat them using this potion. They go to where the merger is taking place and find Cole waiting for them, they confront him and discover that he's a Cole impostor. They vanquish him and Cole arrives to tell them that he had to double cross them in order for the plan to work, he doesn't realize that the Brotherhood is spying on him. Cole goes back to the Brotherhood one last time, but he promises Phoebe he'll make it to her graduation party. While at the Brotherhood, a superior demons knocks Cole unconscious and never makes it to Phoebe's party.



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<Piper> Alright, we were just about to find out who the real killer is and the pager goes off, so this better be a really good emergency.
<Phoebe> Well, I'm the real killer. I just vanquished Cole's brother.
<Prue> Whoa, this is so much better than the movie.
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<Piper> [...]
<Leo> I agree.
<Prue> Alright, this whole voting together thing would be really really cute if it weren't so annoying. I mean, maybe you guys vote should just count as one for now on.
<Piper> I bet you wouldn't mind if we were voting with you.
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<Phoebe> The Prophet that I was trying to save was talking about Lockserom.
<Piper> The Internet provider? What, the demons want their own website now?

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