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Charmed Episode 3x18:

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Sin Francisco


A demon uses his power, the seven deadly sins, to bring "The Source" seven innocent souls. Prue and Phoebe stumble upon the demon's henchman taunting an innocent infected with Greed, they fight him and in the fight he drops a box filled with white orbs. The henchman escapes and reports back to the demon, while the possessed innocent runs out into traffic and is killed. The girls take the box and look it up in The Book of Shadows. The Book says the box contains each one of the seven deadly sins and there is no magical way to overcome the sin once it has infected someone. All of a sudden the demon appears, grabs the box, infects everyone with sins and disappears: Phoebe has Lust, Prue has Pride, Piper has Gluttony and Leo has Sloth. The Charmed Ones discover another victim, a priest infected with envy, holding a man hostage at a car dealership. Prue and Phoebe go to the dealership, while Piper and Leo try to find a cure for their sins. Prue saves the hostage, is grazed by a bullet and tells Darryl to hide the priest, while Phoebe tries to seduce an officer. Prue drags Phoebe away and Darryl suspends the officer. Back at the Manor, Prue and Phoebe find that Piper has been shopping like crazy and Leo's been napping in front of the TV. Leo goes upstairs to take another nap and the girls go to the attic to try to figure out what to do. The officer, infected with Anger, comes to the Manor and fights with Phoebe and Piper. Phoebe and Piper are knocked unconscious and Prue knocks out the officer, but before Prue can help her sisters, the demon appears and takes her away. Piper regains consciousness and begs Leo to help; Leo overcomes his sin and helps both girls. They discover that magic can't undo the sin, but an act of pure unselfishness can. Piper, Leo and Phoebe go to the demon lair to save Prue. They discover the box with the orbs, freeze the demon, vanquish him by infecting him with the remaining sins and save Prue.



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