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Charmed Episode 3x17:

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Newlyweds Piper and Leo are ready to move out of the Manor, but it could have a big effect not only on the Halliwell sisters relationship but on their supernatural jobs as well. If the power of three is necessary for fighting all the evil that has a nasty way of finding them, what happens when one sister is across town in her newlywed nest? When Piper makes the announcement "by-the-way style, the decision reminds them all of what life was like before they knew of their powers. In a series of flashbacks, the girls remember back to when Grams was alive - the only thing keeping them together was their stubborn grandmother . Prue was getting married, Piper was facing a bank job she didn't like and a life taking care of Grams, and Phoebe was out of control -- shoplifting and fighting with her sisters. Secretly, Grams was poised to prevent the squabbling girls from getting their powers. As she's about to perform the spell, she dies. Six months later the Halliwells get the power of three. As the Charmed Ones are heading down memory lane, they discover a new demon loose in town. He was a witch's "familiar" (her black cat actually) and when he assumed human form and killed her, he became a warlock. Each sister kills him in separate incidents, and they return home to find him at their doorstep. After killing him again, they turn to the Book of Shadows for answers. This leads them to contact the dead witch for details, and they realize that since he was a cat, he needs to be killed nine times (the whole nine lives thing) and if he is, he becomes immortal. Bad idea! While fighting to preserve their relationship through the impending move, the girls also figure out a way to finish off the catty warlock: make him feel the pain of all his nine deaths and he'll really kick off this time. Piper and Leo are all packed up when Piper discovers the potion Grams had conjured up to take back their powers. She realizes that she can't move out and Leo reluctantly agrees. Prue and Phoebe have a solution of their own. Piper and Leo take Prue's larger room and Phoebe moves out of their bathroom, giving the newlyweds a little more privacy. It's one big happy family.



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