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Charmed Episode 3x16:

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Death Takes a Halliwell


Prue sees a woman, with a strange black shadow following her, she takes her picture and yells to warn the woman, but the woman runs away. Meanwhile some demons, Seekers, are trying to find Belthazar/Cole. They go to his apartment, bite the landlady and drain her knowledge of Cole. They discover she knows someone who might know where he is. While Prue develops the photo and discovers the shadow has vanished, an Inspector interrogates Phoebe about Cole. He tells her the landlady is dead and that Cole killed her. Prue arrives as the Inspector leaves, and notices that the woman, with the shadow, is leaving with him. Prue follows the Inspector, while Phoebe goes to warn Cole. The woman is dropped off at the Inspector's office, where the Seekers are waiting. Prue follows her and finds the Seeker's hovering over her body. They disappear and the mysterious shadow becomes the Angel of Death. Cole and Phoebe revisit his apartment. Phoebe gets a premonition of Prue watching the Seekers kill the Inspector. Cole goes to the crypt and waits for the Inspector, Prue astral projects herself there. The Inspector arrives at the crypt, followed by the Seekers and is knocked unconscious in a fight. As the Seekers attack Cole, the Angel of Death appears and Prue fights him. Cole sends a blast to the Seekers and they disappear, the Angel leaves. They take the Inspector back to the Manor, where he regains consciousness and runs away. While Cole waits at the Manor, Piper and Phoebe follow the Inspector and Prue summons the Angel. He arrives and tells her that he's not good or evil just inevitable. She is unconvinced and he takes her with him on his next journey. The Inspector is at the funeral of his friend and the Seekers approach him. He tells them that he'll go with them, but not to harm the people here. Prue and Phoebe follow them into a crypt. The Seekers barricade the door and begin to feast on the Inspector. The Angel and Prue arrive and the Angel forces her to accept that she can't do anything to save him. The Seekers and the Angel disappear and the girls go back to the Manor where Cole is in full fight with the Seekers. They cast a spell to destroy the Seekers. Prue goes to the beach to contemplate her mother's death the Angel shows up and says her name. She asks how knows here name, he replies that he looked on his list and saw that he was supposed to take her life in the Crypt, but Cole saved her. Prue is shocked, but she accepts that death is inevitable and the Angel disappears.



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<Cole> Sir ,your in a room with three witches and a demon.You really think a gun is gonna help you?!

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