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Charmed Episode 3x15:

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Just Harried


While Piper 's praying for a demon-free wedding day, Prue is haunted by dreams. In her first dream she meets, T.J., a handsome stranger, at a biker bar and as she leaves the bar she fights off an attacker. The next morning, the attacker in Prue's dream ends up dead and the police have witnesses that describe Prue as the suspect. Back at the Manor, while Piper gets ready, an exhausted Prue tells Phoebe about her dreams. She then goes upstairs to rest and falls asleep. In her second dream, T.J. tells Prue the cops are after her for murder. The cops show up, arrest Prue and she wakes up. The wedding begins and Darryl tells Prue and Phoebe that Prue's wanted for murder, the girls decide to tell Piper after the wedding. All of a sudden, T.J. bursts through the door on his Harley, Prue collapses and "Dream Prue" materializes, she jumps onto the bike and rides away. Piper calls the wedding off. Phoebe summons "Dream Prue" and discovers that she is Prue's inner desires that Prue has suppressed. Phoebe convinces her to go back inside original Prue, she wakes up and the cops arrest her again. Meanwhile Cole, Leo and Darryl find the real murderer and the charges are dropped. Piper changes her mind about the wedding and in front of Cole, Darryl, Prue, Phoebe, her mother, her father and grandmother, Piper finally marries Leo.



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