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Charmed Episode 3x14:

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Stadt der Geister


When Victor, the girls' father, takes Phoebe to a ghost town, she sees the ghostly figure of an Indian boy, named Beau. When Beau is punched, by a cowboy, he falls right through Phoebe and at that moment she becomes psychically and physically linked to him. Back at the Manor, Phoebe tells her sisters and Leo about her vision and she finds out that she is sharing Beau's injuries. Leo and Victor leave, and the girl's discover that the town is stuck in a time loop, on an alternate plane of existence, cursed to relive the same day forever. All of a sudden, Cole/ Belthazar shows up to talk to Phoebe. As Phoebe tries to tell Cole and her sisters that their relationship is over, she receives a premonition of Beau being shot in the back. She falls to the ground with the same gunshot wound in her back. Leo can't heal Phoebe, because it's Beau who is hurt. So Cole suggests that he will shimmer to Beau and bring him back to the manor to be healed. Prue doesn't trust Cole and forces him to take her along. Prue and Cole travel to a town straight from the Old West and find Beau. They discover that a man named Sutter wants to kill Beau for killing one of his men and to keep the town under his power. Beau realizes that the only way to break the curse is turn himself in and hope that the townspeople stand up to Sutter and save his life. Sutter drags Beau into town and begins to whip him, Phoebe feels every lash. Prue and Cole try to rally the townsfolk to save him. The townsfolk step in and save Beau, the curse is broken. Prue and Cole travel back to the Manor and Phoebe confesses that she still loves Cole and asks him to stay, despite what Prue and Piper think.



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<Phoebe> Dad doesn't know that Leo is a Whitelighter.
<Leo> Piper, he's gonna kill me when he finds out!
<Piper> (smiling) Oh, don't be ridiculous, you're already dead.
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<Victor> Leo, do you know what a Whitelighter is?
<Victor> They're sneaky little bastards.
<Leo> Really? 'Cause Piper says that they're really, really good guys. More of, like, guardian angels.
<Victor> That's the party line, Leo, but don't believe it. You can't trust 'em. They have this tendency to fall in love with their charges. Before you know it, they've stolen your wife.
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<Phoebe> I've inherited all of your tricks, especially your fine art of fibbing.
<Victor> I don't know what you're talking about.

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