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Charmed Episode 3x13:

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Bride and Gloom


A shapeshifting warlock pretends to be Piper and borrows Prue's lipstick. The warlock "Blinks" to an undisclosed location and gives the lipstick to an evil priestess in order to be used in a spell. With one kiss Prue will be paralyzed and the priestess will marry her to the warlock. Cole makes contact with Phoebe and she meets him at the crypt, while Piper is busy planning her wedding with Leo. Phoebe tells Cole that it's over and she doesn't care for him anymore, Cole tells her that he loves her and it's his human side that allows him to love, since demons can't love. The warlock kisses Prue, and transports her to the priestess in order to perform the ceremony. She congratulates the warlock with a paralyzing kiss and reveals her plan; by turning Prue evil the Charmed ones will become evil and this will alter the Book of Shadows so she can steal the book and all the power in it. Phoebe and Piper discover Prue is missing, Phoebe begs Cole to help find her and kisses him. Phoebe and Piper are lured to the dark side and relish their new powers. Cole materializes and warns Phoebe that a priestess is on her way to steal the book. Piper and Phoebe capture her and begin to torture her to tell them where Prue is. Leo orbs in, startles them, and allows the priestess to escape. In a fury the girls freeze Leo and shatter him into a billion pieces. They then blink to where Prue is. The priestess wakes up Prue and her husband, the warlock then shifts into another Prue. Now Piper and Phoebe have to battle two Prue's. They make a guess and destroy the warlock, thus shattering the spell and vanquishing the priestess. Back at the Manor, they discover that the Elders saved Leo and the wedding is still on. Phoebe goes back to the crypt to thank Cole, but she also tells him she can't be with him.



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<Phoebe> (to Prue) ''are you going to sleep with anyone other than yourself this year?''

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