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Charmed Episode 3x10:

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We All Scream for Ice Cream


Prue gets deja vu when she hears an ice cream truck playing an eerily familiar tune. She watches as a little girl is drawn toward the sound. Prue drags Phoebe toward the sound to see what the little girl's up to and they arrive just in time to see her pulled in to the mysterious ice cream truck by an otherworldly force. Prue and Phoebe follow the truck and find themselves in a whitewashed world of snow, playground and forest, and they soon discover that the real evil is "the nothing" which snatches people up and wipes our their existence. Why was the song familiar to Prue? Phoebe gets a flash and sees a young Prue being saved from the whitewashed place by their estranged dad. Being good witches, they help rescue three kids trapped in the ice cream truck world, only to discover they've helped to free mini-demons and endangered the innocent ice cream truck man. The only one that can help them understand what's going on is their dad. Phoebe reveals that she's kept in touch with him and he's in San Francisco. Prue is dead-set against asking his help, but dad does reveal that the truck's melody is used to lure young demons to capture. As a young girl, Prue heard the song and was drawn in but her dad saved her. It was also the reason their grandmother made him leave. The Halliwells set out to find the ice cream truck and the freed mini-demons hunt it down to destroy it. Prue and Dad Halliwell go back to whitewashed world to find the ice cream truck man and dad ends up saving Prue from "the nothing" again. They fix the truck and put the mini-demons back where they belong.



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