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Charmed Episode 3x09:

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Coyote Piper


Piper was a geek in high school and 10 years later is facing the reunion. Desperate to show how she's changed, Piper frets over not being able reveal the coolest things about herself: you know, the whole "I'm a powerful witch and in love with a Whitelighter" thing. Guess she'll have to settle for owning P3, site of the reunion debacle. Just as the nasty homecoming queen is undermining Piper's confidence once again after all these years, the insecure witch is possessed by a she-demon with a very outgoing personality (who knew Piper was into dancing on bars?). While Prue and Leo try to figure out what the heck is going on, Phoebe struggles with her decision to save Cole and lie to her sisters. She goes on a fact-finding mission into Cole's past, but is called away to help Prue kick that squatter-demon out of Piper. In order to to vanquish the demon, Prue has to throw a dagger into Piper's chest, nearly killing her. The demon transfers into Leo, who then helps save Piper's life.



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<Piper> (possessed by Terra): Hey! Bitch! Move the trays yourself!

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