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Charmed Episode 3x08:

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The Charmed Ones learn what we've known all along time, Cole is no saint. Phoebe has a growing suspicion about Cole's true identity and that secret he's been keeping when she finds him injured in his apartment. She begs Leo for help and when he tries to heal Cole he realizes something's amiss. Phoebe knows the truth but can't bring herself to vanquish the man she's fallen in love with (we also find out he's half-human). Good and evil join forces when Prue and Piper head out to find Belthazor, vanquishing potion in hand, along with a otherworldly bounty hunter sent to kill the demon who destroyed the Triad. When everyone figures out just who this demon is in human form, they all converge on Cole's apartment... but Cole/Belthazor grabs Phoebe and "shimmers" away. The bounty hunter finds them in a mausoleum and tries to kill Phoebe for getting in the way but Cole saves her life by killing him. Just before Piper and Prue arrive Phoebe decides to spare Cole by telling the world she vanquished him.



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