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Charmed Episode 3x07:

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Power Outage


As Phoebe begins to spend intimate time with her new boyfriend, unknowing sleeping with the enemy, Cole has a new scheme to destroy the Charmed Ones. He enlists the help of a hate-demon to destroy the bond between the Halliwell sisters leaving them powerless. The plan initially works, and as Prue, Piper and Phoebe have horrible arguments that escalate into full blown supernatural fights, their powers vanish. Confused, Piper and Prue are able to rally long enough to solicit Leo's help to figure out what happened. He enlightens them to the power of their bond, and they make up, but Phoebe has run off to Cole's for sympathy. When she arrives at his apartment he turns into a demon and pulls a sacred dagger out prepared to take Phoebe's defenseless life right their while she snuggled in his arms, but, he can't do it. Worse yet, after sending Phoebe back to her sisters to make up and regain her powers, Cole is busted by the Triad for his softhearted failure. He is whisked to the Triad meeting place and just as he is about to be destroyed, he uses the dagger he still held in his hands to attack and kill all three Triad leaders. The Halliwell sisters apologize and reunite while Phoebe wonders what's up with Cole and why he seems to have faded away.



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<Phoebe> Hate you.
<Prue> No you don't you love me.

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