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Charmed Episode 3x06:

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Primrose Empath


When Prue tries to help a man struggling with unbearable pain, her spell deviously backfires. Turns out the man was far from innocent, he was a demon who had been cursed to feel all the pain and suffering emotions in the world. Prue was tricked, and ended up with the cacophony of human emotions driving her insane and nearly unconscious. Piper and Phoebe figure out their sisters predicament with Leo's help and plot to reverse Prue's condition back onto the demon. Meanwhile, the now free demon has realized that his curse could be banished forever if it dies with Prue and begins a search for the Charmed Ones. When the demon arrives at the Halliwell home, Piper and Phoebe's plan of attack fails, leaving Prue vulnerably close to death from her suffering. Leo comes to Prue, now huddled in a ball with her head in her hands, and coaches her to face the cries of pain and suffering she hears. Prue rallies her mental prowess and accepting the suffering of all those in her head, regains her sanity long enough to face the demon-man in a kickboxing style battle of the minds that sends all the pain back where it belonged. Unable to cope with the effect, the demon-man implodes within his own inability to feel for others while the Halliwell sisters rejoice at their good fortune.



   #213 -  [ 23 ]  +   x up down
(Prue is an empath menwhile)
<Prue> Would you guys stop being so negative.
<Phoebe> We didn't say anything.
<Prue> Yeah but I can feel your (she blows up the TV).
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<Piper> Phoebe, where were you when we called?
<Phoebe> Cole's.
<Piper> You could've changed. All night?
<Phoebe> Mmm hmm.
<Piper> Did you...?
<Phoebe> Uh-huh.
<Piper> Was he...?
<Phoebe> Uh-huh!
<Leo> Okay, can we talk about this later?
   #194 -  [ -14 ]  +   x up down
<Phoebe> Hi.
<Cole> Hi.
<Phoebe> I have expected not to find you here.
<Cole> Yeah? (Phoebe nodds) Well, an acotiate of mine didn't do as he was told, so I still got work to do here.
<Phoebe> Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
<Cole> (smiles) Both.

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