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Charmed Episode 3x05:

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Sight Unseen


After the manor is burglarized, Prue becomes obsessed with learning more about the Triads plans to destroy her and her sisters. What The Charmed Ones don't know is that their predator is Cole. Unimpressed with Cole's ability to get the Charmed Ones, the Triad sends in an aggressive demon to speed up the attack. This new demon is invisible and begins terrorizing the Halliwell sisters with random attacks. The attacks inspire Prue to get tough and she creates a trap for the demon in the attic. As the tension mounts, suspicion grows and Phoebe actually wonders if Cole could be bad guy material. Meanwhile, Cole appears to be trying to save the Charmed Ones by setting traps for his new rival. Could he be competing for the Triads approval or is it possible he's protecting the Charmed Ones? Prue successfully captures the invisible demon and creates a way to torture him for more information. Just as he tells them the name of the demon that the Triad has after them, he's whisked away. Assuming all is safe, the sisters resume their lives until Prue is vacuously attacked in the darkroom. It turns out Prue's suspicions were about more than immortal bad guys, some of the bizarre attacks had been Piper's new bartender. A women who developed a strange and deadly infatuation with being Prue.



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<Phoebe> Have you seen Cole?
<Abbey> Who?
<Phoebe> Tall, dark, good looking, district attorney? Okay, no good. How about an easy one - where's Piper?

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