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Charmed Episode 3x04:

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All Halliwell's Eve


It's All Hallows Eve and a few of the Charmed One's nemesis have returned from banished-land. In the middle of a battle with bad guys Prue, Piper and Phoebe are whisked through a time portal into Colonial Virginia where a small town is on a witch hunt for an unborn baby. Unknown to the sisters, Cole is also back in time making deals with an evil mistress who has captured Charlotte, a mother-to-be caring an unborn child believed to have powers that will last for ages. A small coven of good witches have cast a spell to retrieve the Charmed Ones to help them save the baby and mother, but he Halliwell sisters soon learn that they have no powers in the past. Trusting the Colonial Wiccan magic and the help of an unknown hero who sacrifices his life, they finally save the mother-to-be and the baby is born. As the Charmed Ones prepare to leave they learn the baby is their own great great grandmother, Melinda Warren. They just saved themselves. When they return to present day the Charmed Ones immediately have to combat demons that were awaiting their return. When the coast seems clear, all head to the P3 to celebrate Halloween. Prue bumps into a present day version of their unknown Colonial savior and Cole, inappropriately dressed as an angel for Halloween, continues his deceptive romance with Phoebe.



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<Man> Are you certain? I can show you the first initial of your true love's name.
<Phoebe> Really? You can do that?
<Man> With a simple peel of the apple.
<Cole> Prove it.
<Phoebe> And why would you be interested, sir?
<Cole> And why wouldn't you be?
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(Cole comes into the P3 in an angel costume)
<Phoebe> So you're an angel?
<Cole> Oh, uh, this? No, not really.
<Phoebe> That's okay. Neither am I.

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