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Charmed Episode 3x02:

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Magic Hour


Piper tries to secretly plan her wedding day so that The Council cannot stop her and Leo from tying the knot while the sisters befriend a cursed couple who turn into an owl and a wolf during the night hours. Turns out a sorcerer became fond of Brooke, the wolf girlfriend, and cursed the couple when he found out his love was in vain. The cursed lovers are considering their last resort to end the curse, their deaths. While the sisters try to undo the lovers situation, wedding plans are under way. Piper and Leo think its safe to get hitched and are performing their secret ceremony with a ghostly Grams overseeing the nuptials. Unfortunately, it appears that Cole, Phoebe's new found flame, may have spilled the beans to The Powers That Be and Leo is twinkled to sparkling dust just before the ceremony can be completed.



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<Phoebe> Assistant District Attorney, we have to stop meeting like this.
<Cole> You'd better be careful or a guy might think he's been followed.
<Piper> You'd better be careful or a girl might think her sister's getting a really cheesy pick up line.

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