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Charmed Episode 2x22:

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Be Careful What You Witch For


A fast-talking genie (guest star French Stewart, "3rd Rock from the Sun") grants each Halliwell sister a wish in exchange with an infernal evil counsel to set him free. Prue's wish for the thrill of first love turns her into a rebellious and powerless 17-year-old, Phoebe's wish for an active power propels her to flight and Piper's wish that Dan get over her turns him into a dying old man. The adventure soon turns into a death wish when Prue is attacked and killed by a dragon demon who is in cahoots with the genie. Even Leo's healing powers couldn't bring Prue back to life, but, the genie offers to go back in the bottle to save Prue and return all to normal. When this still doesn't bring their sister back Piper rubs the bottle releasing the genie again and wishes Prue back to life so that The Power of Three can vanquish away the dragon demon in a burst of flames. Meanwhile, Dan's heartbreak is compounded by the new knowledge that Piper is a witch. The Charmed Ones use there remaining wishes to free the genie but make him mortal and give Dan peace of mind by erasing his horrorifying experience and newfound knowledge of evil away.



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