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Charmed Episode 2x19:

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Ex Libris


Piper is interrupted from her excitement of booking Musical Guest Star The Goo Goo Dolls at the night club by Dan who informs her that Leo has a wife. While Piper discovers Leo has secrets, Phoebe is trying to help Charlene (guest star Rebecca Cross), the ghost of a fellow student who was killed by a demon known as Libris (guest star Scott Lincoln) who wanted to stop the publication of Charlene's thesis proving the existence of evil. Charlene helps vanquish Libris before he can do harm to his next victim, Phoebe, but Charlene is kept from crossing over to the other world until she helps Prue capture a murderer. Prue's friendship with a murdered girl's father turns out to have a spiritual connection to Charlene and when Charlene helps send the murderer to jail for his crimes both the murdered girl's father and Charlene are able to find peace and Piper faces Leo's previous life as a mortal by visiting the wife he had in his previous life.



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