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Charmed Episode 2x18:

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Chick Flick


The Halliwell sisters battle a demon of illusions who begins terrorizing the area by bringing horror film characters to life. While releasing celluloid villains the demon accidental releases Phoebe's favorite film hero, Billy (guest star Chris Payne Gilbert), who remains in black and white. Enjoying his new found ability to bring psycho killers from the screen to the real world, the demon sends an ace murderer and knife-wielding corpse to kill Prue, Piper and Phoebe. With Billy and Leo's help, The Charmed Ones vanquish the killer characters and join the demon in an on-screen battle of good vs. evil. Although Piper and Phoebe almost get trapped when the movie prematurely ends, the on-screen witches are able to conquer the demon on his own turf and leap back to the off-screen world while Phoebe says a heart-tugging good-bye to her two-dimensional boyfriend.



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