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Charmed Episode 2x14:

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Pardon My Past


Phoebe is haunted by her past life as a devious witch back in the roaring 1920's and casts a spell to visit her past life finding Piper married to Dan and Prue a successful photographer. Phoebe is horrified to find out she was seduced by an immortal Warlock named Anton to destroy Prue and Piper. The eerie attacks on Phoebe's present life were brought on by a curse that Prue and Piper cast on Phoebe in her past life destroying her in 1924 and all future lives. Phoebe's only hope is to find an enchanted necklace that can protect her from the curse, but, when she goes back in time to retrieve it she is trapped. Anton appears in the present ready to join the evil Phoebe who now has the enchanted necklace on to protect her while the present Phoebe is being strangled to death back in time. Prue and Piper manage to divert the evil Phoebe's powerful fireball rage onto Anton and as he burns out of sight they tackle the evil Phoebe tearing the necklace off her. When the good Phoebe is able to return they immediately place the necklace back on her saving Phoebe from their own curse to destroy her. The entire event was confusing for Phoebe who is heartbroken by her past evil ways and Piper who learned although she was married to Dan in a past life, Leo was her lover. Piper apparently had to choose between Dan and Leo before, and, Leo knew it all along.



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