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Charmed Episode 2x13:

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Animal Pragmatism


Warner Bros. recording artist Janice Robinson guest stars on this Valentine's Day episode where Phoebe's new college buddies use a book of spells to turn a pig, snake and rabbit into 24 hour manly dates. Their romantic intentions turn scary when the former beasts begin attacking innocent students and plot against their creators to maintain their two-legged status. Piper's attempts to escape the night club for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with Dan is interrupted when Phoebe's attempt to reverse the spell turns all the patrons into animals. Prue, who is trying to adjust to her new unemployed lifestyle, joins her sisters at the night club and assists them in turning the patrons back into people. The snake and the rabbit did-in their own pig buddy when he protested their violent ways and after The Charmed Ones caught the two the police were ready to take them away to spend the remainder of their human lives in jail. Eventually, Piper heads off to her romantic evening with Dan despite a brief fantasy about Leo, who's constant presence and new job at the night club are making Dan very uneasy.



   #331 -  [ -22 ]  +   x up down
<Prue> well?
<Phoebe> well, the good news is, the spell worked.
<Piper> and the bad?
<Phoebe> the spell worked on everyone.
   #330 -  [ -24 ]  +   x up down
<Prue> well?
<Phoebe> well, the good news is, the spell wroked.
<Piper> and the bad?
<Phoebe> the spell worked on everyone.

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