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Charmed Episode 2x12:

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When Piper suddenly comes down with a mysterious and life-threatening illness that appears incurable, Prue and Phoebe ignore the code which prevents witches from using spells for personal gain and cure Piper with an "Awakening spell." The spell has an unfortunate side effect of spreading the dangerous disease to other patients in the hospital. Determined to save innocent lives, Piper puts her own life in danger insisting her sisters help her reverse the spell. Unable to watch Piper die, Leo risks his own code of ethics saving Piper at the last minute. Altered by life's recent events, Prue says good-bye to her job and Jack. Piper learns she spoke Leo's name in the hospital after he saved her and she has some explaining to do to Dan which gets even more complicated when Piper learns Leo's White Lighter wings were clipped for saving her life. Unfettered by his recent suspension from his job, Leo tells Piper his mortality will allow him to fight to win her love back.



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