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Charmed Episode 2x07:

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They're Everywhere


Prue and Piper give in to their fears that the men in their lives may be Warlocks and cast a mind-reading spell to find out the truth. Meanwhile, a group of brain-zapping Warlocks called "Collectors" are after a young man, Eric (guest star Greg Mehlman), who has translated ancient tablets that contain all historical events in the past and future. Eric destroys the actual stone tablets, limiting the knowledge to his own mind and becoming prey to the "Collectors" who want the power of the tablets. Using Eric's father as bait, the "Collectors" lure Eric to them and zap Phoebe when she tries to help out. Prue and Piper use their ability to read each others minds and trick the Warlocks into zapping each other right out of existence saving Eric, his father and a bewildered Phoebe. Luckily, Prue and Piper find out their recent flames are not Warlocks, although Jack (guest star Lochlyn Munro) has been playing tricks on Prue with his twin brother. Piper takes a romantic leap of faith and heads off for the weekend with Dan.



   #269 -  [ 4 ]  +   x up down
(After the hear secret thoughts spell)
<Piper> yeah next time get your own damn lipstick!
<Prue> i heard that!
<Piper> i love you :)
<Prue> -_- bite me!
   #291 -  [ -9 ]  +   x up down
<Prue> We have to go vanquish warlocks while she gets to sit on some guy...
<Phoebe> Hey hey hey!
<Prue> You heared that?
<Phoebe> Like I need a spell to know what your thinking!
   #292 -  [ -10 ]  +   x up down
<Eric>You must be an Angel.
<Phoebe> No i'm no angel but i could probably intruduce you to one if you'd like!

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