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Charmed Episode 2x03:

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The Painted World


Prue discovers someone trapped within a painting at the auction house and unwittingly repeats the Latin spell hidden under the picture casting her into another dimension with a man who's been stuck there for 70 years! Meanwhile, Piper asks their new neighbor for help renovating her new night club and Phoebe secretly casts a smart spell to help her compete for a new job. When Piper also gets stuck in the painting, Phoebe's new smarts enable her to read the Latin spell to free them all only to be tricked by the man in the painting. The man is really a warlock. He saves himself and then torches the painting. Although the smart spell is over, a cunning Phoebe tricks the warlock and his warlock lover into the painting with her. Piper freezes the warlocks within the painting while Prue, Piper, Phoebe and the cat escape back into the real world.



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<Piper> Oh, ha... you mean, Sex...
<Dan> It's just way to awkward for me to talk to my niece about.
<Piper> Yeah, ha... sure, not to worry. I have plenty of experience.
<Dan> Really,... with with Sex?
<Piper> No - I mean, uh,... talking about it. Yeah!
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<Piper> If we get out of here alive, you own me a new pair of shoes.
<Prue> If we get out of here alive, I'll buy you a purse to match.
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